Belle Creek Farm
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Fresh Eggs!Welcome to our Farm!

Belle Creek Farm is a new, family owned farm just minutes away from downtown Frederick and Route 15. Having a great interest in the slow food movement, we specialize in pastured eggs, poultry, heirloom vegetables and heritage beans. We grow and sell many varieties of fresh and dried herbs. In addition, we breed and sell meat rabbits.

It has long been our dream to become self-sufficient and live off our land in a sustainable manner. We loved the idea of raising our own food using natural methods, and without using chemicals. Not everyone has the means to grow their own fresh food at home so we are pleased to have the opportunity to make fresh produce available to you.

At the same time as we are accomplishing self-sustainment and naturally grown foods, we are teaching our children the same skills and knowledge that we have picked up on our journey, in hopes that they will pass on the same strong desire to be self-sufficient.

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